Please, Please Me

The other day I had about an hour to relieve stress. I checked one of my favorite author’s old stories and found one with eleven chapters that was written several years ago.

Seemed perfect.

I dug right in and was enthralled by her masterful characterization and artfully constructed plot.

While reading her final chapter things didn’t seem quite right. The pace hadn’t quicken. Things didn’t seem to be getting tied up in a neat bow.

Oh no! I just got caught again by the “UNFINISHED SERIAL”.

Look. I get it. People write for different reasons. I understand best intentions and all that, but DARN IT!

I had started to care about those people.

I wonder how many masterpieces never were published. Great writers start projects and lose steam. Supposedly Moby Dick was meant to be a completely different story until a minor character took over . . . and the rest is history. What if Melville had simply chucked it!

Could I please ask for your consideration?

1.) There is NOTHING amateurish about writing standalone stories. I’ve received comments from writers, who should know better, to “step up and write something of some length.” Some of my standalones have gone beyond 80,000 words, which is enough for anyone. Please consider writing a standalone every now and then. The current ratio of serials to standalones is the worst I’ve seen here.
2.) If you write serials, please consider pulling them after a year, or so, if you haven’t finished them, so that people like me don’t have to say DARN IT!
3.) If you write serials, please consider making an outline of the complete story before you start, so that you don’t paint yourself into an artistic corner and have to quit.

I would prefer you write unfinished serials rather than not write at all.

When what I want conflicts with what you want, feel free to ignore my desires.

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