Transgender Lawsuit In South Carolina

Promising lawsuit filed against the Motor Vehicles department of South Carolina.

Here's the story about it:

If any of you happen to be Equality lawsuit/legal nerds (I am! I am!), here's the text of the actual court filing:

A summary: a young genderqueer man (who self-identifies as male but doesn't conform to the expected mode of male presentation and normally wears makeup and dresses femininely) went with his mother to get his drivers license. Well, the Motor Vehicles folks in his corner of South Carolina would not let him get his picture taken unless he removed his makeup despite his mother explaining that it wasn't a disguise, that's how he looks. His (again his choice of pronoun) mother not only supports him and is livid at his treatment by the state agency, she, with the assistance of the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund (a worthy cause to support, if you're so motivated) has filed a Big Time Federal Lawsuit against the state!

Read the links for the whole story, and the legal rationale of the lawsuit.

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