The Family Girl #72: BCTS Mystery

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Blog #72: BCTS Mystery:
A clarification on 'School of Hard
Knocks 101: How to put pictures
in your story'

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A BCTS friend sent me a message, where she talked about some old stories that she just discovered in the site.

In the same message, she also made mention of a recent blog of mine entitled "School of Hard Knocks 101: How to put pictures in your story," and what led me to post it. And I had this to say about it: "Huh?"

I did post this, but I posted this sometime October, 2009, and not eight or so hours ago.

And to prove this, you will notice that the first comment to the blog was posted October 6th, 2009.

So I had to wonder what happened.

From time to time, when I check if anyone had posted any new things about my stuff, I would see the word "updated" beside one of my posts even if I hadn't touched anything. It happens from time to time. I am sure you guys have seen it happen with your stuff, too.

It's probably some kind of update thing that the admin people are doing, or something else altogether.

It's a mystery.

Anyway, I just wanted that clarified, and I wanted to thank Val for the message. Don't be a stranger, Val!


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