"Spring" is Done

Chris and I have just finished editing "Eerie Saloon: Seasons of Change -- Spring."

I've posted Week 7 here and on FictionMania. I'll be posting Weeks 8 through 13 at about a four-day intervals.

We're been talking about the plotlines of the upcoming tales for well over a year. The next three stories will be another Jessie Hanks adventure; a prequel showing Shamus and Molly's courtship (and two uses of the potion); and the next part of the saga itself, "Eerie Saloon: Seasons of Change: Summer." By then, it will be somewhere around (if not past) the year 2020.

We haven't gotten a lot of comments, and that's disappointing. Feedback is very useful.

I think that the robbery, the saloon shoot-out, and the ambush have been sufficient answer for the comment that the story wasn't a western.

I might post a list of characters but I'm not promising. It would require reading through the entire work and taking note of every name listed. Incidentally, some of the names are real. The man Forry mentioned at his trial WAS governor of Texas in 1872, for example.

Wilma's bout of self-realization was an afterthought. In Week 5, she was heartbroken. By Week 7, she was back to her old self, and I thought that we needed to show how that happened. Part of what got written was mine, part was Chris, and part was mutual editing. I thank Chris for his work on this. It was useful insight into Wilma and, by chance, Beatriz.

Were Forry and his men too vicious? I don't think so. They're the first intentionally nasty people in the saga, and that may make them stand out by contrast.

Shamus and Molly hassled Laura back in November, some six months ago. Drop it.

Yes, the saga is like a soap opera. It goes on and on with multiple scenes on a daily basis. Chris and I watch each other to keep things from seeming forced, although it may still happen.

Everybody has their own favorite characters. We know that, and we'll be things with characters that haven't been used much. Don't judge a character entirely by what's happened to them so far. We've more to do with such characters as Kaitlin. We've also got a lot happening to Bridget and Flora and the "relationship" between them.

Having said all that, comment! for Heaven's sake.

Chris and I read -- and think about -- what you say.

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