Regarding Part 3

I'm kind of surprised about the response to Part 3 of the latest Eerie Saloon tale.

There IS no response. NO ONE has commented.

Now I don't expect many comments. It is only part 3 or a 13 part story. A lot of the comments at such a point in the posting of past parts of the Eerie saga have been of the "I'm enjoying it, an I'll comment at the end" variety.

Except a lot of people DON'T comment at the end.

This isn't nice. The only real payment that Chris and I get for literally YEARS of work is feedback from our readers. And we do read and discuss the comments we get. Some of the plot complications in the current story originated, in part at least, from reader comments.

This includes the news Trisha just got in part 3, and we expected more reader reaction to it.

We also expected some reaction to what happened to Bridget in this part. She's been around from the beginning and had a lot of fans -- we thought. Then Forry Stafford does what he does in Week 3, which sets up a plot thread that runs in several ways through the rest of this part of the tale.

And NOBODY says anything.

C'mon, people. Tell us what you thought about what happens in part 3.

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