Writing Gifts and Problems.

Today Puddingtang helped me spot a spelling error I missed. It was one of those silly things where the auto-correct and spellchecker took one of my scrambled words and replaced with one that was spelled right, but it still wasn't the right one.

It was suggested I turn off that function. However, I'm dyslexic and without it, ... well, it's not pretty!

I received this reply. "Dyslexics tend to be both clever and creative."

Of course I had to do a search and I found this site.

Strange as it maybe, that is new to me. Then again maybe not. I'm old enough that when I was first diagnosed that only the negative aspects were bought to my attention. I suppose you can say that I've been so busy dealing with the problems, I never became aware of the positives. :) I can definitely see where some of those gift like aspects apply to me. I've always lived inside my head. The stories I read and tell myself are always in 3D Technic Color complete with smells, temperature, ... well everything. The hard part is putting all of that in words.

If I'm alert I can generally spot my mistakes before they cause a problem due to double checks and other little tricks I've learned. However, if I'm tired or if I'm mostly inside my head 'seeing' the story, then my grammar/spelling goes to hell in a hand-basket.

It's a serious pain fixing all of that and I would be so lost without a spellchecker. I'm currently using Open Office which along with being free, also seems to work fairly well for me. Of course they all have their limitations and at times I go half crazy trying to figure out how a word is spelled. I know the word, and I can hear it, but the damn thing comes out as gobbly gook when I try and write/type it. Some times Goggle does better than the spellchecker at helping puzzle it out.

Of course all of the above means that I write with the speed of a snail. That's along with being subject to fickle muses and all other difficulties other writers have.

Are there others here at BC with similar traits? I remember reading somewhere where being creative comes with its own problems. It was talking about doctors not medicating their patients into near comas and tailoring treatments to take those creative gifts into account. IE, don't throw out the baby with the bathwater!

Those with gifts have always been treated differently because so many of those gifts involves seeing the world in way others can't or that old 'thinking outside the box.'
I will say being able to finally after so many years to get a few of those 'stories' out of my head onto 'paper' has helped me.

So what is your writing gift? Does it have its downside too?

Just Grover thinking too much ... again!

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