The Last Easter Story

Hello everyone! My 'End of the World: The Last Easter' is finally up! I apologize for the troubles last night, but it was one of those perfect storms of site problems and my trying to post at the same time. Now, everything is fine!

As I said, this is the last part of the 'End of the World' series. I was rather satisfied how the endings in both universes pulled together even if other parts 'tasked' me. If you're writer you know what I mean!

Thanks to everyone who'd supported and pushed me to this point. Yes, I'm talking about you!
My plans are to clean this up and offer it up at Kindle come holiday time with a title like 'Guests for the Holidays' with a saucer menacingly in orbit about Mother Earth. Or something like that!

Thanks again to my five relentless fans!

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