Does Writing Help?

Now and then I get down. Nothing serious, just feeling blue.

I notice a lot of the folks here write hard core. Other than the kudos and comments there is no recompense. Take Easy as Falling Off A Bike for example, Angharad puts in long hours every day at work then usually has time to write a chapter. I love the story line, but I don't see how she does it.

Morpheus is another author I stand in awe of. Extremely productive, always entertaining, when he/she gets started on a story you can usually count on a large chapter a day until it is finished.

I could go on, there are many really good authors here.

So the question is, why? I have written a few stories myself, then dropped the ball. I have a pretty full life, but like I said I tend to get down now and again. I am wondering if I'm missing some good therapy, or maybe just some good times. My muse has been mulling a loose sequel to my story End of the World as We Knew It for years.

I write a lot of technical articles about electronics. I also am recently getting into 3D printing, using an open package called SketchUp. I like designing electronic circuits, then build some of them. I'm also a moderator for a popular electronic website for beginners (still using my old male ID oddly enough).

So I'm asking for the take of the other writers on this site.

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