Vietname: Mia Maxima Culpa

To all,

I posted my newest work, Honor First, Honor Last, Always Honor. I neglected a critical piece of information.

Someone left me a very nice note today. I really appreciate it. What I didn't appreciate was the way I absolutely failed in part of my own research. It wasn't all that difficult.

I wrote a story in which the heroine, after the end of active American official involvement visited Vietnam. Where I failed is I blithely did not research exactly how many women, or in how many different capacities, worked and died in Vietnam. What totally embarrasses me is the sheer number of female Americans (38) who died during Operation Bablylift, the military (and civilian) evacuation of orphan children to the continental United States.

From the information at, it is clear 38 died. One was a child, who died with her mother during Babylift.

As we honor our other veterans, we need to remember the eleven thousand women who were in combat conditions while in country, eight of which are still MIA. 48% of all women who served in Vietnam suffer/suffered from PTSD.

Whether hormones, other meds, or just embarrassment, I am in tears.

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