Heroes of Justice is on Kindle!

I did it! After a few bumps in the road I finally got my first novel up on Kindle. Heroes of Justice was one of the entries to Erin's 'What's So novel' contest. Do yourself a favor and look up the other entries! There's some real good stuff there!

As for my book, you'll have to input the whole name along with my author name to find it. Unfortunately I wasn't thinking about marketing this thing when I wrote it. There's only about million titles that has Heroes and Justice in them.

'Heroes of Justice' Grover Young

I had to make some changes since the editors showed up as authors. LOL I don't know how long it will take for the changes to take place or for you the reader to find it. I went back and forth on the price, but decided on $5. That give me a decent royalty without being pricey for a Kindle book.

Note! That 'Heroes of Justice' in an earlier form is and if I have my way always will be available here at BCTS. While not a lot of changes, this, do I dare call it edition?, has been gone over more times than I can count. On the other hand, I still find an error ever now and then. It was time to be daring and say 'This is the best I can do" and post.

I urge those who have read the story to post a review. Those will help my oh so buried story a little more towards the light! I know some of us are sensitive about revealing our reading habits to the world at large, but if you do feel like you are able please do!

Another last request is please use BCTS's link to Amazon when you do decide to buy! Let Erin get something material from the wonderful Contest she hosted all those years ago!

Hey here is a link!
This has the link that gives BCTS the credit for the sale.

Grover (Hey! I'm published!) (Okay, sorta, kinda, maybe!) ;)

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