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Oct. 30 I got really early (5AM) and braved rush hour traffic in Dallas to get something I had been working on for a while.

I am now legally Wendy Jean M., and my gender is officially female. I suspect this will help with the job search. We'll see. Of course the unkindest cut is yet to come, the drop in pay from being a female. :D

GEAR (a local Dallas TG support group) had a Halloween party the next day, so of course I'll show the latest picture. It is funny, my weight isn't shifting much, but my dimensions are. I have gone down a size in pants (size 10 petite) and dress size. Where the weight is staying I'm not sure, but the curves could use some improvement. I suspect it just needs time.

The person in the background is Blair. She is a really cool person that has helped a lot of people just coming out to themselves. I was one of them. I owe her a lot of thanks.

Me and Blair.jpg

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