I am Back, .... And my cat is dieing

Thank to the work of Joyce and Erin of One of the best sites on the Internet.

I have obviously been able to finally after a 1/2 year of not being able to sign-in, sign in again.

This is good news for me but, not so good news for you lot.

I am a background member to the Big Closet community. But, I have seen some not great things and some wonderful things this last ~1/2 year.

Donationations are down from what I hear and cost are up. In the tone of my work at the voting polls each year, "I donated", did you?
There is a big gap in oprating costs. I almost think we should take the site to kickstarter.com, or a simlar site, they seem to be doing great for getting regular internet people to hand over money for those in need. (if tried excess to go to tri-ess or another tg friendly organization)

Mean words are up, but hopefully it is mostly trough love comments, I can says what mental tone a sentence was written in with a fullier context sometimes. So, hopefully people are trying to be more helpful for each other then mean spirited. I will says I hope we have faith in each other. Come on halloween and octoberfest are the hanukkah and christmas of the cross dresser and Trans gender community, so feel the love or hope that they provide.

I will try to keep this brief, except on the matter of a dear one to me is dieing slowly and soon.
My beloved cat and not so stuffed, stuffed animal has developed oral (mouth) cancer. She has been with me, except my 2 years living at 4 year college/university. She has been a friend and talking post for years, magical/psychic familiar and generally a cuddle toy for someone who could not have real cuddly things past a specific age. She is to steal words from the golden girl theme song "a friend and a confidant'. She has been there as much as any animal as fickle as a cat can be there.
She in years past has slept in my bed, listened as I complained about the unfairness of the world and society. Holly, for that is her name, was a symbol of my curiousity and love. She was not a purrer unless you got her just right, but once you did she would be there in sickness or health. I have play games or wrote email with her on my lap, used her as a hot water bottle and companion while sick or blue, or in pain.
I do not talk about is often but I had some health disorders (bad genes) growing up, that meant I have some devolpemental difficulty into adulthood. I am looking for no sympathy, just reconition of the little thing, in this case litrally that go right each of us. and some words of love or compassion.
She was a runt of her litter left to die in my family's front yard. Holly came in to my life only a few short monthes after we think the old neighbors behind our home may have murdered my previous cat.(No body, no proof) Holly is also a symbol of the joining of multiple holidays, her name is Holly Hanna Diel. A black cat(Holloween), from early december/late November(thanksgiving),Holly(chrismas) and Hannah (for Hanukkah). She filled a hole I had in me. And I am going to miss her, once we have to kill her in a few weeks. Doctors say it is to late to save her, and it would be kinder to enausized her.

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