How to regain lost confidence?

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I have totally lost my confidence and have now clue how to get it back.

For little back story I should probably tell about myself... Once upon a time I was very close to fearless. There was no place I would not go and few things I would not do. I had the type of life that if I were to write an autobiography, many would place it in the fiction section of a library. I have done everything from professional wrestling to modeling to partying with famous people along with some other crazy things I'd rather not mention here.

In the last few years life has dealt a few blows that have changed me. Instead of the girl who had so many friends that my phone rang off the hook, I have managed to push everyone away to the point that I might get a call once every few months. Instead of the girl who used to know what she wanted and went for it, I now second guess every move and most of the time don't even bother trying because it is easier than being ultimately disappointed. Instead of being helpful and trusting, I am cynical and lazy. Instead of the girl who used to be the life of the party, I am now afraid to leave the house. I used to jump out of bed every morning ready to embrace whatever life offered, now it takes everything I have just to will myself to get up.

I miss the person I used to be and wish I could figure out a way to make contact with her again. Any ideas on how to find her would be helpful.

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