Interesting thing happened today

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I stopped at a yard sale this afternoon and as I was browsing the items I saw a man longingly looking at a beautiful prom dress from a distance. It was a beautiful lavender glitter long gown. It was gorgeous and an old skinny part of me yearned for it but I doubted it could fit my calf anymore and besides, I could not think of a single place it could be worn.

I am not sure if it was instinct or what but I totally read the guy as a CD and immediately stepped back fifteen years when I was scared to death to buy anything. I casually walked over to the dress and looked at the size and it appeared it would fit him. I grabbed it off the line and strolled close to him and spoke so nobody else would hear and told him the price and I would buy it for him if he wanted and he could get it from me at the car. His face turned beat red and he nodded. I told him what I drove and he walked away quickly.

I paid for the dress ($10.00) and talked to the lady holding the sale for a moment while the man was waiting by my car. As soon as I walked up, he handed me a twenty, told me thank you and to keep the change before taking the dress, wadding it into a small ball that he could hide and sprinting to his truck. I tried to offer his change but he left too quickly. Poor guy never once looked me in the eye and could not get away fast enough.

I have no clue what that guy thought of me but he made my day :)

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