Need some book help

Hello everyone! I'm in need of some help. Some years ago I wrote my first book, Heroes of Justice. Finally I've got around to getting it ready to go up on Kindle, but for one small problem, the Cover. I understand that there is a service were you can for a low price ask for a cover to be made for you. That's great!

However, you still need to have some idea of what to ask for since the artist has more than likely never read your story.

So my question to all of those who has read my Heroes of Justice story, do you have any suggestions for the cover design. My own which I sweated blood and tears for got universal bad reviews from everyone I showed it to. "Looks too much like something for a game." I was told

Well, that was intentional since it is about a group of role-playing gamers who gets sucked into a game world. The twist here is that it is a superhero role-playing game and not your usual fantasy RPG.

For years I've been roadblocked by this so any ideas you have, please send them!


PS: The story has been edited and polished from the original posted here at BC. Hopefully that makes it a better piece of writing. :)

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