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Hi everyone!

First off, I want to kill my cat at times. I love Pepper, so named because as a kitten it looked like someone put pepper on her hose,but she drives me crazy.

Last night I went out for a walk and she followed the whole time, nothing unusual there. I should give a bit of information about her.

You see Pepper's mother was a stray cat but a VERY good hunter. In a night she would bring 8 to 10 mice, some live, to the house for her kittens WHILE she was still pregnant with them. Even more after she had them. I had my pick of her litter for which I meowed and the first kitten to mew back was Pepper.

Pepper is only vocal when she has to be. Mostly when she is giving me heck for leaving her alone for too long. However she does take after her mother, perhaps more so.

I live in the city and Pepper goes out to hunt at night. Birds and mice leavings are normal for a cat. Ducks, rabbits, squirrels left on my doorstep, apparently for me to eat, are the usual for Pepper to bring me. I know its a sign of love from her but disposing of the rotting corpse on HOT days is less than fun. Then again so is getting rid of the cloud of feathers from a duck.

Thing is she is proud of herself when she does this and I have to pet her even though I want to throttle her at times. Anyways that's my cat woe. Yep she left me a squirrel this morning.

Next I am writing a bit at a time. However it is summer so I'm busy fixing cars from sun up to sun down and then getting home exhausted. I also try to go out to exercise on my days off. So my time to actually writing is limited.

On the good news most of the swelling is gone now although I have some still and when I over do it it hurts. Not quite back to normal yet but at least I can sit down without pain.

Still talking with Dorothy daily on the phone, and her mother on occasion, both of whom insist that I'm totally female without question even though I think they are wrong. Me Manly murl.... Grrrr Mirly Murl... darn it...


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