My New Tale...

I am currently in the midst of another massive literary undertaking when I got the urge to take a break. I felt the need to write a little tale about coming out. There has been much in the news this past year or two about various people coming out about their sexual, and gender, choices. I have always had strong opinions about coming out but I’ve yet to really set something down in words. Thus…this new tale.

Okay…so…you all might be wondering where the rest of this tale has gone to. I intentionally ended it where I did because the main character, Kerrie, came to the realization that she is responsible for the situation and her actions, and their consequences, and she is prepared to face the fact that she really doesn’t need to settle on anything less than what she wants. And if Kerrie doesn’t get what she wants, she is prepared to move on.

I read in the Transgender section of the Huffington Post that fifty percent of the ‘trans’ people in relationships have not told their partners of their transition. I can understand them not doing so. Enough negative reinforcement from prior experiences is more than enough to alter their future actions. I personally believe that there can be no secrets in a successful long term relationship. Secrets are hidden bombs just waiting to go off.

I have been blessed with having nothing but acceptance and love from the very few very close personal relationships I have chosen to come out to. Of course I can count them on both hands with a finger or two remaining unaccounted for. Indeed the very fact that I am a ‘trans’ woman was meaningless to them. They had known me the way that I am for much longer than the way that I was.
But I also know that many of us have suffered the worse side of human reaction from those who should be the closest and most supportive. I understand this as well. They have known us the way we were for much longer than the way we currently are. They feel hurt, angry, shocked and whatever other negative reactions are possible.

The decision to transition is a totally selfish one. We do this for ourselves and nobody else. We do this for our own wellbeing and our own sanity. We have had years, in some cases decades, to think about transitioning. Those who we chose to come out to have had only moments to absorb what we are telling them. While they need time to really assimilate and process what we have done, we can only exercise the one option truly open to us and that is get on with it; our lives.

There are three possible outcomes for my little tale. Jack and Kerrie reconcile. Jack can only be her friend. Jack doesn’t want anything to do with her. If enough of you feel that this tale should have a more fulfilling ending, I will write one. If you choose to comment, simply write yes for together, maybe for friends, or no for faaahhhk off. :) Oh yes…PM’s do count from the silent majority. :D


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