Why Can't a Boy Be More Like a Girl? Part 5 I apologize...

My muse has really been working hard lately. I do have the beginning and the closing for part 5 the final chapter done for this story, but I'm still working on the middle, which is a very important part for the progression to the end. I'll get it right though and when I do I'll post it without delay.

I am also working on a story titled "Just Clothes." I've been working on this one for a few years now ever since I had promised a very good friend. You see we were chatting in the wee hours of the morning online one night a few years back and he and I had a few ideas for me to write a story with a twist!

The title gives you all a big hint of the subject matter, but my writing this story has taken off big time of late. Once I have it completed I'll be sending it to my friend for his approval and or further ideas and input. I might even get him to edit and proof it for me? Giggle, giggle...

I haven't just been sitting on my ass, really! With the eruption of Spring and the birth of Summer I have been very busy working outside making my home look beautiful. The gardens are now a work of art and with the removal of six trees I now have more sunlight to really create some beautiful lawns and gardens. Of course working full time as well has crimped my writing time severally, but every rainy day finds me at my keyboard and every night on my days off I'm at my keyboard again during the wee hours.

Just letting you all know I am still writing, still living, and enjoying every second!

Huggles All

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