Health update and an apology.

First of all. I am better. Whatever evil, mutated virus was attacking me seems to have given up most of the ghost. I say most because I am still having some after effects such as nose constantly running, multiple explosive sneezing, and a vague ache in my head and neck. I have been checked out by a doctor and he says that nothing is seriously wrong, just my general lack of anything resembling a healthy lifestyle, which probably led to the attack of the mutant virus in the first damn place.

Now... I have to apologize to Erin, Maggie Finson, Grover and Ariel as well as to the readers. I stated, unequivacably, in a previous blog, that I would never again post anything unless it was finished, having far too many unfinished stories out there. I also told the aforementioned writers that I was sticking to the project I involved them in, to the end no matter what. In both instances, I blatently lied. I find that, for reasons that are my own, I will not be able to complete the project called, "RECKONING" that I, in my ego driven ignorance, began with the highest of hopes, the ablest of assistances, and the spirit of experimentation as well as the noblest of intentions. All of that, with the exception of the assistances, has crashed and burned, and for that, I most humbly apologize.

My reach far exceeded my grasp and I find myself in the position of the gal, standing on several shaky, unstable books reaching for something she couldn't use even if she COULD reach it.

I had the very best of intentions, and the best co-writers I could have possibly hoped for, but my own talents fell short. That fact is painfully obvious by the obvious lack of interest the story engendered in the readers. I take full blame, since the idea, the concept, the form, and the story itself were my own. No blame should be attached to any of the wonderful writers who attempted to make sense of my fevered imagination and try to make it palatable for you all. They didn't fail, I did. Why? Because of my monstrous ego, very simply. I thought I could take several writers, have them write a story together and have it make sense and be readable. I couldn't accept that I, of ALL people, couldn't accomplish what others have tried and failed to do.

I find, at this point, I am completely unable to take the story any further than it has progressed, and I know now that for me, the thrill of creating, writing is gone. I welcome the others involved to continue if they wish, and I give them full use of my character and ideas, freely. I simply am unable to care about it any more.

I'm not going to blame this on anything or anyone but my own inflated ego. Being a comment whore isn't easy, and when they don't come, well, you get my point, I'm sure.

As for me...I WILL NEVER WRITE ANOTHER STORY, UNLESS, it's COMPLETE before anything reaches anyone else for reading!

I'm sorry.

Catherine Linda Michel

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