039) May I speak with...

So yesterday a telemarketer called my cell phone -again-. I really wish I could figure out a way to get that to stop... Anyhoo... I answered it with "Hello", and they asked if they could speak to my male name as though there was no way on earth he was already speaking to them. I said speaking. And they were seriously shocked. They asked, in a disbelieving tone: Are you really Andrew? As though there was absolutely no way on earth I could possibly be Andrew. When I insisted that I was, in fact, the only person who I am presently legally known to be, he finally launched into his sales spiel, which, when I realized what was going on, I hung up on the tard bottom.

This has been becoming a regular event lately. It's like no one who hears me on the phone anymore can believe I'm really this guy named Andrew. Which is great by me, and funny too. I don't really think my voice has changed all that much yet and no one used to have any problems connecting my telephone voice with a male mental image before.

I wasn't even pitching my voice at all this last time, it was exactly like normal. At least to me... The first time I -really- caught someone taking me for female on the phone was when an insurance agent was talking to me, and they were ma'am'ing me even though I'd told them I was Andrew at the start of the conversation... They seemed to have completely forgotten that when I reminded them of it when they started talking numbers and the numbers they were talking sounded like they had the female premiums attached. They were all like, oh. *giggles*

I wasn't doing anything weird with my voice that time either, just speaking normally. There was one time though that I was practicing trying to pitch my voice differently when a telemarketer called that I recognized as having been trying to sell me male enhancement stuff. This same telemarketer had been calling me for weeks, and I'd kept hanging up on them, yelling at them to stop, and finally trying to just ignore them. So I was seriously pissed, and I answered it, accidentally pitching my voice a little higher because I was so pissed, and they hung up immediately and haven't ever tried back again. :D I imagine they don't think they'll be able to sell male enhancement to a girl very easily... I can't imagine why... *giggles*

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