Prom-ise to my Self

I made a critical girl mistake that any rational woman would scoff at me for: I refused to buy my actual dress size. Yes, I'm one of those types. Sure I could have got that red A line in a 16 (XL) and probably had room to spare, but no, I went for 12 (L). My ego will not allow me to be a 16. So on go the spanx and in I will wedge myself and hope that the industry is also playing to my ego by having a size 12 actually be a 16. I know, I know it's shallow. I should just be comfortable, and not worry about numbers but man... no! I will not kowtow to my overindulgence. I've begun to think of it like Prom. Sure, I'll buy other more loose fitting en femme clothes if I don't manage to squeeze my organs into the LRD right away, but I declare here and now that I will drop some of these extra lbs and wear this dress proudly come May/June. Girl-side me that never got to go to prom the way she wanted demands it.

I've already given up soda and sweets, which really at my age was a no-brainer, what else can I do? The dread word exercise has been brought up by my wife. Ugh. I hate to sweat.

Have y'all been in this sitch' before?

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