Earlier on TVO, 'Science of Gender'...

I couldn't give warning of it before it aired because I noticed it just before it started. TVO showed a program called Science of Gender, which dealt with some of the subjects discussed in other blogs recently, including transgendered and intersexed children, and how John Money got doctors taking babies with ambiguous genitalia and choosing a gender for them, operating on them and raising them as that gender, which caused many of them problems when they grew up with the opposite gender identity (which thankfully is finally convincing more in the establishment to stop this practice), and about children transitioning/presenting, even before puberty, etc.

Here's a little teaser about it: http://ww3.tvo.org/video/162122/science-gender

The full program was 52 mins.

Might be able to find it on youtube or for download or something. (I can't check because my good computer can't access the interwebs right now...)

Lisa "I hate computers sometimes" Danielle

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