Looking for Story

A while back someone posted a story that had SF and Transformations. It started off with a scientist accepting applications for a trial study using a type of gene therapy. One of those applicants was his old college roommate who was very brilliant, but was crippled by disease and genetic disorders. As a matter of fact all the study's subjects had severe problems and health issues.

As the study progressed everyone got healthy and better, but we found the military had an interest in it. Wanting super soldiers I guess, but that's where the story took a hard left. Although not in the tags, the subjects began taking on animal traits as well as some changed gender. Our main character took on some lion-like traits as well as developing feminine secondary characteristics.
I can't remember the name. Jaye's stories reminded me of it, but I don't think she wrote this one.
Please help!
It's driving me nuts that I can't remember the title or author!

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