Cats and Paint

Little Silky, the model for Randi Lewis Deere's familiar, managed to get latex house paint on her paws. I think she may have cleaned her brother off, too. He brushed against a freshly painted door. He avoided a barrier and brushed by the door. Of course she washed it off - not using the tap at the sink. I first noticed she was drooling a whole lot - drip, drip, drip. She's a bit unhappy with the painters tresspassing as it is, and knows of 20 more hiding places than we do. She's vomited several times, and is drinking a lot of water on her own. I've talked to the veterinarian twice, and he assured me all will pass. Just keep her hydrated. She followed her brother, Sully, to the food dish, and ate a little. Still, I worry a lot. We lost a cat about 55 years ago when he got into paint thinner. That still keeps me awake at night sometimes.

Silky just went to her water fountain. She also ate a bit more. We'll watch her closely tonight


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