Neues Jahre

Welcome to 2011!

Whilst I've no new scribbles to post myself this week I have a busy writing schedule lined up as well as a rapidly filling diary! Let's give you a quick outline of what to expect;

April Spreewald Marathon trip

July / August Summer trip to Denmark

September Gabycon 2011

December Weihnachtsmarkt trip

So that's the main events calendar, now as far as writing is concerned I'm already working on Gaby Book 8 which I hope to debut at the Gabycon in September. That doesn't mean you have to wait till then for new Gaby, I hope there will be a few one off Gaby shorts in the intervening period which may well be illustrated too.

I'm also looking to give you more from Nena, at least one more Jamie & The Peach book, more Photo Opportunity and the next book of my opus, Anja & The Druid. There may be more and bear in mind that whilst this is what I hope to do I can't promise it will all happen.

I've got several non fiction projects on going too, there's another collection of historic vehicle pictures, a planned archaeology guide, a brace of cycle route guides and of course my annual holiday treatise.

Don't think too badly of me if things slip, somewhere in the remaining time I have to earn a living and sleep, train for the Spreewald and do the laundry!


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