My characters are pod people! Are yours?

I just published Part 20 of my series Catwalk Confidence and I have a few minutes while my characters are distracted to get this information out. This isn't my story! My story took a completely different tract. My characters were different. Alex was really born male!

I started this innocently enough; Alex seemed like such a nice kid. He was the typical teenage boy doing typical teenage boy stuff. Then it happened. Early in my writing of this story Alex changed. I was sound asleep and around three in the morning he woke me up and forced me to write what you have read so far. This character seems like Alex, even acts and does the same stuff that Alex did, but I know different and I must get the word out.

If it could happen to my characters, it could happen to yours too. They'll take over your writing, force you in directions you never imagined before. Be vigilant, and don't sleep.

NO! Get out! Get out now! Save yourselllll……………….!


I'm sorry for the disturbed ramblings you've just read. Please just ignore it. It means nothing. I'm afraid I may be a bit tired.

Hmm, you look a bit tired too. Why don't you lay here my dear and just take a little nap.

Love Connie

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