FL McDonalds doesn't hire faggots

The TLDEF has filed a discrimination complaint against an Orlando, FL McDonalds' restaurant which refused to interview a transgender job applicant. Here's the story from their website (including a YouTube voicemail message received by the applicant):

TLDEF Files Employment Discrimination Complaint with Florida Commission on Human Relations
Against McDonalds for Refusing to Hire Transgender Woman

Of course, McDonalds is a franchise operation. This might be an isolated case (or not).

Interestingly, the McDonalds' corporate website claims that the company has been writing the book on diversity:

McDonald’s has long been known for our commitment to inclusion and diversity, not only with our own employees, but also with our franchisees and suppliers.

...African Americans, Women, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, People with Disabilities, and Gay and Lesbian Employees have been integral to McDonald’s success...

...but not transgender persons? Apparently, the McDonalds organisation has yet to issue a statement on this situation. Will they hang the Florida restaurant management ‘out to dry?’ Or will the situation be subject to McDonalds' publicists' spin?

Public-relations Shambles

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