Seriously, What is Wrong With Me? (Vote on these boots!)

On a normal night I write between 1500 and 2500 words. But not last night. Last night, like the night before it, and the night before it, I only wrote 1,000 words.

And I know exactly why. It's because I'm an idiot and I can't stop getting in my own way.

See at this time, I'm twenty chapters ahead in TG Techie. I'm putting down that word count so that I can stay ahead. It means that I can stop the project to work on 11th Sun and still post this thing for like, three months. I need that space. Trying to grow a brand here, ya' know?

There's a shopping scene. Aisling is going shopping with the girls on the crew for the first time. I've been hung up for three days on what clothes Aisling is buying. And I don't know thing-fucking-one about clothes. So I'm talking to everyone I know, "What do you think of this? What about this? Should she have a blue shirt or a pink one? Why not pink? Yeah I know she has red hair, but why not. Oh, you're right, that looks hideous. I'll scrap that paragraph and sew it back together. What about the fabric of the shirt?"

Then last night, in the middle of a category 4 migraine, I wasted three hours on boots.

See they're shopping the the Cherry Creek Mall in Denver, and I knew what sort of boots I wanted her to wear. I looked up all of the shoe stores in the mall. I looked up their inventory. I scrolled through around 100 different boots, hated them all, and looked up another store. I kept doing this instead of just making up a pair of boots in my head and describing them.

And I'm still stuck.

On the one hand these:
Samuela Boots
I have a great description for. On the other hand there's something about the ankle that seems kind of weird. But maybe it's a good weird?

Then there's these boots:
Marye Black
Look at how great that buckle is. That's a great buckle. But what can I write about that buckle? Max three sentences, because it's just a goddamn buckle and in the big picture it's stunningly unimportant.

Anyway, throw your vote in there if you've managed to read this gripe all the way to the end.

New chapter tomorrow too. [SPOILER] someone does something that makes someone else feel some way.

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