Perils of Peggy

Some of us have heard of the "Perils of Pauline," an old serial movie where she gets into difficulties that don't get resolved until the next installment. Typical "cliffhanger." An advantage of writing is that I get to dream up the situations into which my heroine will find herself.

In my current work in progress, my heroine, Margaret, a/k/a Peggy, nee Jason, is starting college at the local community college, and I get to pick what courses she will take. HOO HAH! I haven't looked at a college catalog for quite a while, and I am having a lot of fun putting her in courses which can give rise to INTERESTING situations. Okay, after I make up her class schedule, I get to insert interesting characters for her to encounter in the class. Then there are the instructors/professors. Young or old?, Cute or ugly? Male of female? Will any of them hit on her? I may just have to write it out, and then, maybe re-write it with different people. I may have so much fun putting Margaret in different situations that it will delay completion of the story. Hey! I've got to have some fun while writing. (Snicker, snicker.)

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