oo er missus!

So okay, my plans for Sunday went a little awry, I ended up on a day trip to Lincoln and didn't get near a computer - you will get the next instalment of Nena soon, I promise.

Today you do at least get another Gaby chapter, A Different Christmas is up now for your delectation and delight.

In other news -

The remaining arc of the 21st Gaby book is now underway, no promises but I hope to have it done in the next 10 days after which i'll try to get the new Nena finished.

According to my fitness app I've reached about 70% fitness level from a low point of about 10% in July - I'm spending a lot of time on the bike atm, 15 hours or so a week, 350km, 5000m climbing - so far I've lost 12kg of the 18kg I put on so I've still got a way to go. It has turned quite chilly up here now, the weather alternating from dry and crisp (Monday, today) to damp and miserable (yesterday), never two days the same!

that's it for now

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