Stories have a mind of their own - my word processor is possessed

I started a new story last week. Before I started, I had prepared an outline in my mind, and then I started writing. Somehow, halfway down the first page my outline went out the window, and the story itself took over. I wrote and I wrote. I tried to keep a central theme, and had to go back and excise parts that strayed too far from the theme.

And then there is sex. It is difficult for me to write without my dirty mind getting its way. Soon a page is filled with explicit sex. I have to go back and remove it from the story. Just to remind me of how evil my brain is, I save the removed parts.

What about length? I say to myself that I will write a nice solo story of about 5,000 words. I just checked it, and I'm at over 12,000. and my heroine is just starting college. So much for the solo idea. I've decided that I'll finish the story, and then split it in parts, if my word processor will cooperate.

I am convinced that my word processor program is possessed!

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