Sunday Post

Is it really another week gone?

I've had a busy week on the bike despite the hidden 'help' from various weather systems!

The writing on the other hand is going in fits and starts, actually writing the new Nena is much harder than deciding on the plot so I'm somewhat behind where I wanted to be - hopefully I can get into the grove this coming week.

In the meantime you can read the next Special Request chapter here.

And continuing the Autumn posting of some of my less pigeon holed works today you can read Raggedy Anne. Some of us have a tendency towards taking things to the extreme, collecting, sports, body decoration and this particular story is a tale of one such fanatical obsession. We never find out the protagonists name or even a location, its all about wanting to be Raggedy Anne.The trigger for this collection of words, collated in early 2008, was an idle bit of Google picture surfing and finding some ‘doll’ stories on line.

So that's all for today,
More Gaby on Wednesday!


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