Short Lived :(

Well my happiness was very, very short lived sadly.

This morning at 4am, my great aunt took a pretty bad fall. I live with her, I have been for almost 4 years now. She and I have had our ups and downs over the years but we have never been violent toward one another. Sadly the local police do not think so.

So she shouted for me, called me by name. I ran out into the living to find her laying on her stomach, her walker half crumpled underneath her. She was barely responsive but she definitely asked me for help. When the EMTs got there though, she unconscious and unresponsive. They took her in an ambulance and I thought it was over. I would either see her in the morning or later, all in all a peaceful night's sleep in weeks. Not so lucky.

The police showed up.

I was questioned, gave them my statement and then grilled by a detective on my front lawn. He tried to badger me into confessing that I assaulted, that I deliberately pushed her. I'm not allowed back in my home, they wouldn't let me even get my dog. I'm writing this from my mother's living room, on my brother's laptop. My aunt is in surgery right now with a brain bleed, I'm scared too death. Not just for her but for me as well. The Detective was so damn convinced that I did it, he even implied I was responsible for her other falls too.

This is the WORSE day of my life.

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