more silliness

They say that to be forewarned is to be forearmed. But if you're four-armed, doesn't that make you some kind of mutant?

Can a bald man ever have a bad hair day?

Can a blind person ever see the light?

Can a deaf woman hear the news?

Proof carrots are good for you: Have you ever seen a blind rabbit?

Proof rabbit's feet are lucky: I've never seen a 3-legged rabbit.

Why is acting the only entertainment where breaking a leg is actually a good thing?

If you put a certain member of the mint family in a Mason jar, do you now have thyme in a bottle?

Why do the airports always report of "near misses" when referring to close calls? Isn't a "near miss" actually a hit or crash? I mean, like "Damn, they nearly missed each other...", right?

Nubain is a VERY GOOD drug, and I'm being silly tonight. As a result, you, gentle readers, get to enjoy my foray into drug-induced madness. Muah Hah hah hahahahahhhhhhh!!!!!

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