Working on sequel

Per the MANY requests and PMs I've received since it posted just a few days ago, I've decided to extend Why Me? to a full-fledged serial. I've begun work on a second chapter and, if my muse remains cooperative, will finish it and send it for editing (along with a new chapter of Dawn) some time tomorrow. I have lost the work I'd already completed on Demons 3.2, so a rewrite is needed, delaying its posting a few days. Since I have no therapy on the weekends, I should be able to catch up, provided my health holds up and I have no further setbacks.


* Note: By SERIAL, I mean that I plan to write several self-contained stories with Hank and Marcus as the primary characters, all of which will share a common thread, but can be read as solos, without the need to refer back to previous stories. (Thank you, curiosityitself for the suggestion.

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