Extreme frustration is setting in rapidly!

I ordered some underwear from an online site. Please don't take me to task for that, okay? The package arrived after many days and all was as ordered...except.

Their ad stated that their bras run small and they advise people who order them, to order them two full strap/band sizes larger than they usually wear, a good thing as it turns out.

So, the package arrives... they ARE a bit snug, but fortunately they sent some bra extenders... for only three of the four bras I ordered. I emailed them, informed them that I was one extender short. The didn't seem to understand what I told them and assumed that my order hadn't arrived at all, completely ignoring the fact that I TOLD them it had arrived and all was well except for the missing extender. Their reply email to this was that they didn't understand what I was talking about and they had no record of any purchase made by me!

I re-emailed them, including the email THEY sent which confirmed that I HAD ordered and that it was delivered into my hands! They THEN emailed me to send a picture of the missing item. My immediate thought was: "How do I send a pic of something that doesn't exist." Never mind that maybe I could have taken a pic of one of the other extenders and send that, but then I thought they would misunderstand that, since I'd told them, over and over, that the extender was missing, so I sent an email asking why a pic was needed.

Today I received an email stating that they were sorry my order had arrived damaged.

Damaged? No. Just one small part missing, right? Anyway, I just got ANOTHER email telling me that they were sending ANOTHER BRA to replace the "damaged one."

Sigh. Apparently this difficulty is arising from the different languages between me and the company. (They are in China. Don't task me for not buying American, okay?)

Suffice it to say that I am so frustrated by now that I am ready to chew trees and spit out 2x4s! You watch...when this "replacement bra" arrives, sure as hell it'll be missing that damned extender! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

Catherine Linda Michel. chewing sheets of metal and spitting out nails.

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