Things Are Looking Up :)

My life has been utter shit as of late and because of that I haven't been happy with anything that I've been doing....whether its writing or just plain living. Thankfully I got a bit of a wake up call in the form of Adult Protective Services. I was accused of some nasty things toward my elderly great aunt I live with---all of them false and unfounded I might add. It was kinda scary though. There is a silver lining with it though. For so very long I've been struggling to take care of my aunt both because her physical and mental health has been declining and mostly because my mental health has been taking a nose dive.

Then the Social Worker stepped in.

She put a fire under me. I just got back from Social Services...after four hours. I'm on the fast track to getting the help I need. First with Food Stamps and Temporary Financial assistance and hopefully with Mental Health and SSI. I need to reclaim my life and the first step in doing so is getting out of this "poisonous" house I'm currently living in.

Then I will tackle who and what I am. That's something I've been having a hard time with too lately.

Also some very good news...I'm writing again. I failed with my attempt to relaunch the DRU, it was my fault alone. I came to the realization that I just wasn't happy with anything I was trying to write there. I've been experimenting with different stories right now, trying to figure out if there's something I can write and stick with until the end. I've started a few and I think I like where they're going. One of which is very down to earth and in the vain of Just a Skirt, the other one very similar to Morpheus' Legacy universe. A story concept I've been wanting to explore since my days plugging away in The Center and Comic Retcon universe.

This hero idea is mine, purely original and Extraordinary :)

I just hope I can finally finish writing it.

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