Gators, snakes and bayou critters! Yikes!

These critters are affected by this terrible flooding from Hurricane Harvey also. I've heard on the news that Alligators, snakes and other bayou critters have been flooded out of their normal haunts and are swimming around in the city STREETS. Yet another danger to those attempting to help and those fleeing from the floodwaters. I did hear that an alligator preserve was nearly flooded out and workers there were very much concerned that the flood waters would breach the wire fences that keep the gators penned in. Just one more reason not to drive or walk in flooded areas.

I wish all those affected by this terrible storm, nothing but the best of luck. I wish I could more, but I'm pretty much broke. I hope the animal friends of those who are flooded out and in shelters are being looked after as well.

Catherine Linda Michel

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