OK, for all of those who didn't know:

I've been in ICU (again) with unstable angina / chest pain since last Thursday (the 10th), and unable to post anything. I was released to a convalescent center tonight about 8 pm (EDT), and I'm now able to commune with you swell folks again.

I also received some rather odd news -- news that would basically make any M2F extremely jealous. Without even trying, and without the use of any hormones or suppliments AT ALL, my free and serum testosterone levels are ONE-THIRD that of a male my age, while my prolactin levels are that of a lactating female, and my estrogen level is 3 times what's considered "normal" (but, oddly enough, EXACTLY in the middle for a female half my age, mid-cycle.)

It seems that nature actually intended me to be female after all. How cool is that? Only problem is that my doctor wants me to take testosterone injections every month (I've had one, and gotta tell you honestly: I felt worse than I'd ever felt in my life. I don't know how the atheletes can abuse the stuff, as it made me feel like crap, and I was given the lowest dose he could give me.)

Other than that, though, I'm fine, and hope to post some things in the next few days. Thanks for all the people who sent (and continue to send) well wishes. I feel honored to have such a wonderful group of friends.

Haylee V

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