New Approach with next story

I have had my muse pop in every few days to give me bits and pieces about my next story and she is trying to tell me to do something different.

Two days ago I got to thinking about universes and the links. I know my next story is going to be long and complex if I went the normal route with it but thinking about links in universes got me an idea that I don't think has been used often: small individual pieces linked by an ongoing central plot. The closest I have seen is Snowfall's early Lyssa Kordonay Missions series but that wasn't the same.

So I am going to try this bold idea and focus individual parts on a couple of central characters rather than the whole family or a single branch of the family. There's something that connects each part to one another so it's both at hte same time but flowing along, it may be a simple conversation or it may be reactions to big news from previous parts.

Anyway, it's not going to be a massive, just 13 or so parts of various lengths. I see this as being the finale in the 14 teens' involvement, the rest of the stories if/when I can figure them out are only going to feature the younger kids/tweens. And from the way my mind has worked, I actually have just one story left after this as I am out of ideas.

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