Series that must be reread at least once?

I needed a distraction this weekend from the usual real life annoyances coupled with the usual family drama so I delved into the world of Bikini Beach to get a start on refamiliarizing myself with characters that will be featured in a story that I had the pleasure of being a beta-reader for. It's my first attempt at doing that for an author and I hope it was helpful even if none of my suggestions get used.

This led me to thinking about the series that I enjoyed and which are more than just series that were popular so I felt I should read, they are ones that I actually sought out again. Bikini Beach is the biggest and oldest, and was the series of stories that I had seen evolve over the years for better and worse as others used the two central characters for their own or offered their own additions to the universe that complimented the originals. The later stories that were large arcs that intertwined earlier stories made it from a one-trick pony into one of the most complex universes in TG fiction that makes even my own complex Winnisimmet Tales seem easy to understand by comparison.

Not to be outdone, I vastly enjoyed the Pennmaris stories by Susan Brown. It's simply what I hoped my own stories would become but she mastered the art of building on each but making them unique and interesting. Even if she never finishes her most recent series it's still an amazing read that will be done when I finish reading the Bikini Beach stories.

I fell in love with Portia Bennett's large Cynthia Chronicles saga and got a big kick out of how she was able to make each of them different yet similar. It's a lot to take in and likely the most complex saga on this site but you can never go wrong with her stories. There are plenty of little things that you pick up among the stories that make sense once you read them a second time.

I should mention the Lyssa Kordonay Missions and the companion Chrysalis Project stories or the multiple Justice stories but as Snowfall is a friend and Jessie is a person whose work is evolving and who has been kind enough to answer questions about the sagas while also being nicer to me than I deserved after annoying her it's hard to mention them without being a bit biased.

OK the crux of this is simply asking- what are some series that are worth rereading despite knowing what happens? What series are worth rereadinig for fun?

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