Airlines are crazy

OK, so I'm trying to get price quotes for a round trip ticket from Detroit, MI to Cincinnati, OH, a distance of 250 or so miles. Here's what I discovered:

A NONSTOP flight from DETROIT to CINCINNATI will cost $375 + taxes/fees and take 2 hours.

A ONE-STOP flight will cost $250 + taxes. Here are my options:

DETROIT to CHICAGO (O'HARE) (200 miles in the WRONG DIRECTION) to CINCINNATI - counting a 3 hour layover, 6 hours and 30 minutes

DETROIT to CHARLOTTE, NC (DOUGLAS INTERNATIONAL, and just 35 miles from my hometown) to CINCINNATI - 492 miles due south, then 465 miles northwest - 8 hours, counting a 55 minute layover.

What boggles my mind is why on earth an airline would charge over $125 more for a flight that's at least 250 miles SHORTER, and why a flight totaling almost 1,000 miles is cheaper than a 250 mile flight.

At least Greyhound and Amtrak go in the right direction to begin with. And, both of them are actually SHORTER in duration than flying (discounting the nonstop flight, that is).

And people wonder why so many airlines are going bankrupt???

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