Promise granted


When I promised my readers to post a second chapter this weekend if I got enough comments (I did) it made me think of this classic NatLamp cover from 1973. I remember buying a copy, not to save the dog, but because I bought every issue of that magazine. What impressed me was that in the next issue, the letter from the editor complained that they had sold most of the issues (it was the highest selling issue ever) but there had been a few returns from newsstands, so they let the dog have it.

Of course they hadn't killed it, but sadly a few years later some sicko tracked the dog down, and then killed it. No one was ever found on the crime. (I didn't know this until yesterday, researching the issue).

My connection to this was in the fact that the editors claimed they would kill the dog and then (said they) did. So I feel compelled to post another chapter on Sunday.

(This would be a much nicer story if not for that sicko.)


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