How do you keep going?

I have to ask those who read, comment, and contribute content, How do you Keep going ever day?

I my self have a wreaked life, it started going bad early for me.

I going through high school was hoping to join the military to either make it a career or to pay for College.
I took the ASVAB at school and scored a 94 the first time, I had the recruiters calling every day and trying to practicallt beat my door down, but then things started going downhill.

I sustained a severe concussion on the football field, and after that the Headaches never stopped, it was a constant pounding a sidewalk with someone using a jackhammer had it better. No one believed me and I went through it for almost a year, Depression set in and well I went to the closet Got the shotgun and was going to end it, but finally my family listened and the doctors finally listened too, I got treated and things started turning back around. While i had been going through all that my grades tanked, I had to leave 3 Advanced and honors Classes, and failed a class that year, barely passing most of the others. But that one year destroyed my GPA dropping me to the Bottom 50% of my class on graduation. The insult to injury was the migraines made the recruiters treat me like I had the plague, because i was now medically ineligible to serve. I was going to go for the nuke program, oh well dreams gone. I could not get accepted to the college i needed nor get a scholarship. I did community college because I was lost and it was all I could afford.

While in working 2 jobs, I was starting to feel things could get better, then the accident happened I was on my way to work when I had to stop to avoid hitting a car that cut me off and slammed on his breaks, only to be rear-ended by a buffoon not paying attention slamming into me at over 60 mph. He lest 100 yards of skid marks before he hit me. i went to the Hospital in the ambulance because my neck was hurting so bad. afyer I get to the Hospital and am waiting to be unstrapped from the back board my father shows up 2 hours later I find out the sherif is going to issue me a ticket, I never even was allowed to talk to him, so I tell my father what happens and he calls the deputy, the deputy decides not to issue me the citation because my story lines up with one of the witnesses. The guy who hit me lied like no silver tongued devil I had ever seen.
I ended up with a herniated dsik in the thorassic region of my back, and while I was doing physical therapy the attorney we had (we went to church with him) droed the ball. I ended up settling with the insurance companies with barely enough to cover my medical bills at the time.
Life has remained bad since.

I have gone though many bouts of pain and depression since, then I found a story online cannot remember where it was a Little
Kidd Campers story and wanted to know if there was more and found my way here. I will be honest this site and the Whateley sie have kept me from ending things the stories providing the escape I need from my reality of Pain.

My Current status is I am 34 years old, live at home with my folks, and just barely starting to get by, My bills are getting a little less each month but very slowly. I am reminded by my father so often that by my age he had started his own business was married and had kids. When will I move out, etc... I am employed full-time but do not make enough right now to live on my own and have few prospects of getting a better paying job. The sad thing is when I ask what help I can get from the state I make too much to get any they always say. I have been paying income taxes since i was 13, and they can not help me. the other obstacle is I am Autistic.

Right now I help Erin when ever I can by send what little i can spare, because I need this site to stay around and to sow my thanks for the small glimpses of fancy the stories here provide.

I apologize ahead of time, I am going though a down spell, if I upset anyone.

The question I have to ask you all here is how do you keep going? I know many people here have it just as bad if not worse. For other reasons most of the time of course. I know many of you have had a full life so I need some wisdom from those who have seen much more than me.

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