Footprints and Joy

I never realised I could run on the ceiling without hanging onto the light pendant but I'm doing it now and typing a bit of Blog at the same time.

I've just been told I have been allocated a flat I viewed yesterday and can move in Monday week so for a week or two I'll be getting things sorted and may move in over three weeks.

I've posted chapter 53 of Footprints in the Sea today and there will be one other chapter and then I must stop or have to suffer the wrath of Amazon.

But I do have other stories I can post and will be doing that as much as I can whilst I'm moving. Once I'm settled in I'll begin Volume Four of Footprints.

Don't forget I'll be introducing some of my non TS writing on my Amazon Home page and will post a note telling you that it is non TS.

Now, how do I get down from the ceiling?

Flying Frances.

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