A promise and an attempt

After three and a half weeks of rereading my old stories and I am finally ready to get into writing again. The bad news is I am not getting into Winnisimmet Tales just yet. The 16th book will wait another couple of weeks as I finish two other projects first.

I promised to write something for the M.Y.T.H. universe as both a contribution and a way of explaining things that didn't get fleshed out. I guess it's something of a knack or a quirk in me, I need to flesh out things a lot more thoroughly than others. Thus M.Y.T.H. gets my only published attempted at writing in someone else's universe.

I have a special story that I have had in the wings for a while that I may finally just write simply because I want to write it. I don't care if people like it or not, It's my first attempt at pure fiction and something that I got a positive reply in the feelers I sent out to two respected authors who I see as role models even if they will never accept the praise. It may strike home with some but it's my first shot of true fiction that is not in any way connected to biographical characters.

If this story has a negative impact I'll abandon it and let it die a simple death. It'll show that either I can go beyond the characters I know inside and out or I am simply a one trick pony who can't write anything except stories centered in a fictional city in Massachusetts. I failed in going outside my comfort zone once with my failed "Touch of Magic" series, I can accept failure again but this time it'll be the last time I try to venture out.

First story comes sometime Saturday, the second's first part comes sometime Sunday or Monday.

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