Thirty One Years.

I can't believe that it was thirty one years ago today that I turned up in work in a two piece skirt outfit feeling incredibly nervous but also very committed to dealing with anything that happened that or subsequent days. the official grapevine had informed people what was going to happen and I must admit most of the comments I received were encouraging. I wasn't the first in the NHS to have transitioned, but in sleepy West Dorset, I was a bit of a novelty for a while.

I wasn't quite a pioneer, more a second wave member, so by 1986 when I did it, it wasn't quite the same outrageous sort of occurrence it might have been seen as ten or twenty years earlier, but it was certainly more risky than it is today, when the press seem to carry a story every other day. That it happened on Bastille Day was pure coincidence and really due to my then General Manager saying that rumours were abounding and he didn't want me to take months over actually doing it. So having got the go ahead, I did it a week later--so much for forward planning!

My family and friends have been a huge support ever since then and still are and I'd like to thank them for all the love they've shown me.


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