No Bike tonight

Sorry folks, but I seem to befalling apart physically. The other night I awoke to a strange pain in my mouth only to find I'd chewed the side of my tongue--I don't recommend it. Then, on Thursday evening, Whizz took exception to me rubbing one of her feet and attacked me, or more precisely my right hand. I think she caught a tendon and it's swollen and sore but I don't think infected, however, typing isn't very easy. Finally, just to take my mind off my hand I seem to have sinusitis which is causing the whole side of my face to be very tender with occasional jabs of pain in my ear.

If no better by Monday, I'll consult the doctor. One of these days when I jokingly suggest euthenasia he'll actually do it. If he does I'll get someone to let you all know. I do take consolation in knowing that Whizz is actually a carnivore, which considering the amount of cucumber and crisps she eats, I was beginning to wonder.


The miscreant herself.

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