Blog Entry 30th June 2017- Allergies

The song-

So, yesterday at work. Had a slight headache about an hour in. I took a paracetamol (having been told that these are better than the ibuprofen I usually take), gradually feel worse throughout the day. Think nothing of it. This morning, I buy some Anadin Extra- containing paracetamol, aspirin and caffeine- on the way to work. Two hours into my shift, I get a slight headache again, take two Anadin... And promptly damn near collapse at my desk, my whole body shivering, wracked with pain and nausea. Safe conclusion that I'm allergic to paracetamol. :-(

Subtext- Stephanie 15 (and the conclusion to the cliffhanger) might be a while, so sorry about that. :-( Will try to make it up afterward. Maybe even with yet another new story! ;-)

Debs xxxx

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