Plotting and writing

I have to apologize to those who offered to help me with my next story after I practically begged for help three weeks ago. I tried to think of what to ask about the story but didn't need an editor as many authors do. The stories I write are simply too ingrained in my mind that I have trouble explaining things properly and in a way that people can help with.

What I needed was a co-plotter. This is someone to bounce ideas off of while I did the actual writing. if you read comicbooks particularly ones from the 60s and 70s this is frequently done with writers and artists, they hammer out what they want to do with one drawing and the other writing and the plotter working with both to bring the book into reality. That's what happened. From these bounces I got the plot and created a story. If I had gone the way many go I would have taken weeks if not months to write and gotten frustrated and upset a lot of people with my words and anger. I can't do that, I hate upsetting people especially people who try to help me.

I found a co-plotter. He had several ideas that worked with how I wanted to write the story and evolve it over the course of four years instead of a linear story. He also suggested things I had forgotten I wrote about before that would make things connect both directly and indirectly to the prior stories and explain away a lot of what was happening behind the scenes that we never saw. The fact tat only two of my stories actually directly used the main families helped a lot, I owe him a lot and will give full credit as plotter for the series.

I am going to have it out in a few days, I just wanted to let everyone know that their efforts were appreciated but I am simply too stubborn and introverted to do things differently. Thankfully it isn't the end of the Winnisimmet Tales, and the next actual full book won't be either. I have at least two more in the works thanks to my rereading and fielding suggestions from my co-plotter.

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